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RCFoamCutter - Mini CNC Foam Cutter

Mini CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter - $1,750

Ideal for cutting wings

The Mini CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter is shipped fully assembled and tested

It includes the machine, motors and the motor cables.

Includes: Arduino + shield (drivers), hot wire and hot wire power supply

software not included - See details bellow

RCFoamCutter 4 axis hot wire cnc foam cutter - mini_S.jpg

Software not included, and is available to download at

More information about Dev Foam CNC available here

Direct download for Dev Foam CNC click here
Download the setup manual for DevCNCFoam software here

Win7, Win8 , Win 10





usb icon.png


Left X motor
Left Y motor
Right X motor
Right Y motor

Hot wire On/Off control

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