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4 axis stepper motor driver box

Up to 4A per axis

Up to 1/128 microsteps

Automatic hot wire ON/OFF controlled via software

USB and Parallel port versions available

USB version supports Mach3 only

Parallel port version supports Mach3 and other programs

Fully assembled and tested

Includes power cable and USB cable

4 NEMA23 motors with cables

Holding Torque:1.26Nm(178.4oz.in)

Shaft diameter: 8mm

Current per phase: 2.8A

Step angle: 1.8 deg

Wiring Configuration:4-Wire Bipolar

Resistance per Phase:0.9ohms

Machine Options

Small Cutter
RCFoamCutter CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter Small Machine
Large Cutter
RCFoamCutter CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter Large Machine
Sign Cutter
RCFoamCutter CNC Hot Wire Foam Sign Cutter Machine
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