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RCFoamCutter - The Electronics

4 axis stepper motor driver box usb.png
4 axis stepper motor driver box usb back
4 stepper motors foamlinx wecutfoam rcfo

4 axis stepper motor driver box - $1200

Up to 4A per axis

Up to 1/128 microsteps

Automatic hot wire ON/OFF controlled via software

USB and Parallel port versions available

USB version supports Mach3 only

Parallel port version supports Mach3 and other programs

Fully assembled and tested

Plug and Play - so soldering ore assembly required

Includes power cable and USB cable

4 NEMA23 motors with cables - included

Holding Torque:1.26Nm(

Shaft diameter: 8mm

Current per phase: 2.8A

Step angle: 1.8 deg

Wiring Configuration:4-Wire Bipolar

Resistance per Phase:0.9ohms

Includes 8' of wire with a 4 pin connector at the end *

* No soldering required

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