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RCFoamCutter - In the News - Press Releases & Articles

RCFoamCutter Basic Package
RCFoamCutter Complete Package Kit

RCFoamcutter Develops Hotwire CNC Foam Cutters New Line for RC Enthusiasts and Sign Companies

RCFoamcutter is offering low cost affordable packages for either “build you own” cnc hot wire foam cutters, or a whole machine to be assembled. Mainly intended for RC flyers enthusiasts and Sign companies for cutting wings, letters, and logos.

Sign Cutter

RCFoamcutter Announces a Specialty line of Foam Cutters for Cake Makers and Event Planners

RCFoamCutter has developed a specialty line of foam cutters packages for the events industry, and especially for cake makers and decorators.

The foam cutters are sold as kits, either as parts, partially assembled or full assembly.

RCFoamCutter 4 axis hot wire cnc foam cutter - mini.jpg

RCFoamcutter Announces the Addition of a Mini CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter to its Machinery Line

RCFoamCutter has developed a “mini” 4-axis CNC hot wire foam cutting machine mostly meant to be used by flying model builders, RC flyers and universities’ engineering programs for cutting wings and fuselages.

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