RCFoamCutter - Hot Wire CNC Sign Cutter

Foam Sign Cutter designed especially for cutting signs & logos

Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter designed for Sign and logo cutting

Machine size: 55" x 42" x 9" (thickest foam sheet can be 9")
Cutting Speed: up to 30"/min

Setup time: 30 min (comes fully assembled)

Pricing:     $6000 + Shipping (Contact us for shipping cost)

                 Comes fully assembled with the electronics, computer, monitor and software

                 Including 1 hour of phone and online support and training 

Additional Machines

Small Cutter
RCFoamCutter CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter Small Machine
Large Cutter
RCFoamCutter CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter Large Machine
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Fax 408-212-8348

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