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Low Cost CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutters

RCFoamCutter provides low cost hot wire CNC foam cutters solution
for cutting wings, fuselages, cores, letters, logos, signs and for crown moldings.
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All of our machines are true 4 axis cutters (with the exception of the sign cutter)

RCFoamCutter hot wire CNC foam cutters will cut tapered shapes, including a Zagi-like wing, or a Jet wing.
Assembly is simple and mostly takes up to two hours.

The software is easy to learn, with customers being able to build the machine and start cutting all on the same day.

All parts are laser cut and powder coated.

Some of the industries using our foam cutters:

Universities, Schools & Academic Institutes

RC Flyer Clubs & RC Flyer Enthusiasts

Event Planners & Production Companies

Construction, Renovations & Building

Marine and Research Facilities 

Hobby Shops

Sign Shops and Sign Fabricators

UAV Companies, Aerospace and Aeronautics

What type of foam can be cut with RCFoamCutter machines?

Any foam that can be cut with a hot wire can be cut with our foam cutters, including:

EPS - Expanded Polystyrene foam - fast cut (1LB to 3LB material density) - Creating signs, logo, letters, wings, moldings
XPS - Extruded Polystyrene foam - slower cut, but very smooth - Creating signs, logo, letters, wings
EPP - Expanded Polypropylene - Slower cut, however, foam will not break - Great for cutting wings

Some of Our Customers

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